What is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) ?

New students receive login details to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) when they start school. Our extensive VLE online resource is integrated with the School’s curriculum and can be accessed at any time inside or outside of school hours.

A Virtual Learning Environment is a designed e-learning space. At APIS, this means that your son/daughter’s teachers can place electronic educational activities on the web for your son/daughter to access from any PC with internet access at home or at school.

  • Links to applicable websites
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Subject course outlines
  • Past papers
  • Videos
  • and more

New activities are constantly being designed for VLEs and subjects are seeing new opportunities all the time. Sometimes your son/daughter could be asked to submit their work through the VLE.

Can I, as a parent, have a login to see what my child is doing?

No. The best way to support your son/daughter is to sit down with them and take an interest in their work. The VLE is just another textbook or exercise book, so we would advise your son/daughter logging on and showing you what he/she is doing.

Some Departments have more activities than others. Why is this?

There are a few reasons why this may be the case:

  • Setting up courses takes teachers a long time to do and it may just take a while for all Departments to be up and running in the use of the VLE. We have set a target for all Departments to have a course outline and useful web links in place for all courses
  • Some subjects may simply not have any useful activities in electronic form to be place on the VLE as the subject does not lend itself to good e-links
  • Some Departments, by their nature, will lend themselves more to electronic activities for use on the VLE. Remember, there are many things you cannot do on a VLE: have a debate or discussion, perform a play, play sports, public speaking, etc.

If your son/daughter thinks there are some activities that may help them, then they should ask their teacher to see if it is possible to put them up.

You can login to the VLE by clicking here.