Admission Policy


APIS operates on an open admissions system, accepting children into the School throughout the year. All applications for admission are given equal status by the School and no child is excluded on the basis of nationality, culture, religious beliefs or academic ability.

Parents meet the Admissions team and if required the School Principal prior to admission. This meeting is to ensure:

  1. That all due forms are given to the parents and are completed by them. These include the Admission form, the Medical form and the Parent’s handbook.
  2. That the parents have the opportunity of sharing information about their child with the Admissions team and or the Principal.
  3. That all parties are clear as to the obligations and the expectations of others.

During the admission process and the admissions test period parents are obliged to provide the office with the academic history from previous schools and also where necessary, records of Special Educational Needs or medical records of their children.

Parents must pay the Registration fee promptly and al the necessary fee payments on time; failure to do so will result in the loss of place.

Children are admitted to the School into the class appropriate to their age. Parents are required to produce evidence of age when submitting the application form. The academic year is from the beginning of September of one year to the end of August of the next and this constitutes the cutoff point when making decisions as to the appropriate year group.

When admitting a child in Key Stage 1 there will also be a reading component to the admissions test in order to determine the child’s ability in English and Mathematics. When admitting a student in the Secondary School, an admission test will be administered to determine the student’s ability level in English, Mathematics and Science. APIS does not have the resources or programmes to support students with major learning disabilities or physical challenges and reserve the right to deny admission to any child whose needs are unable to be met by the School.