Biology is all about studying life and living organisms. From genetics to physiology, the many branches of biology have much to tell us about what the human body is made up of, how it works, and how it’s affected by what we eat, the air we breath, and every other aspect of the world around us. It can help us prevent, cure, and even eliminate disease. It can even teach us to become stronger and faster or lose weight.

Humans aren’t the only living things biology is concerned with. It also tells us all about plants and animals – how they live, what they’re made up of, and how they interact with mankind and each other. This enables us to make the most of our planet’s natural resources while trying to minimize the impact we have on the environment.

The information biology has taught us is present in everything we know. Look in the mirror. Your ability to identify the parts of your face can be credited to anatomy. What you eat for lunch was influenced by biology and put on your plate with the help of biology. The medication or vitamins you take daily, your exercise routine – it all comes back to that fundamental science we’ve been telling you about.

Here at APIS all students in Year 1 through to Year 9 will study biology through combined science.

At IGCSE, Biology is availabe within the KS4 option blocks.