Mock Exams

The purpose of a Mock Exam is to prepare students for a real testing environment. Students may think that mock exams increase the pressure for them because they are busy studying for mocks instead of the real exams. However, that is contradictory as the purpose of mock exams is to help students become accustomed with the real exams and also with the exam routine, so that nothing is new to them when it comes to the real exams. 


Mock exams are very beneficial to students because it helps to know how much revision they need, also what they need to revise for the real external exams. Teachers are able to identify questions students struggled most with and focus on teaching these topics.


Mocks are for students to measure where they are, as well as to find their strong and weak areas of understanding, so that they can work on improving themselves. They allow students to make mistakes in a safe environment, so hopefully by the time they take the real exams, they will be prepared for anything. If you don’t do as well as you were expecting, it’s a good chance to see why and fix it before the real exams. 


Parent involvement during this crucial time can make an enormous difference – the difference between success and failure or between ‘A’s and ‘B’s. You are the expert on your own child and have always been his or her most important teacher. Your support, encouragement and interest can make a spectacular difference to your child’s motivation and ability to cope with the academic and organisational demands of the exam years.