Key Stage 3

The move from Primary School to Secondary School, Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3, from Year 6, to Year 7, is perhaps the most keenly anticipated educational transition for students at APIS and around the world. I am sure we all remember the sense of excitement and trepidation felt at the thought graduating Primary School as a senior student and starting Secondary School as a junior student. It is a traditional rite of passage for all students.

To help students at APIS feel confident about the move from Primary to Secondary, we will organize a transition programme in which the Year 7 students visit the Year 6 students to speak about life in Year 7 and to answer any questions they might have. The Year 6 students will already know many of the Secondary teachers, which help reduce any anxieties that some students might have about the transition. There are also a number of other initiatives in place where the Primary School students are invited to make presentations in the School assemblies, and of course there are many school events involving both schools, such as Sports Day and other calendared school events.

In Key Stage 3, students are encouraged to extend themselves academically and socially. They have their lessons with specialist teachers, attending lessons in English, Mathematics Science, Modern Foreign Languages, Geography, History, ICT, Art, and PE. In addition to these subjects, students also have the opportunity to experience new activities. There will be a number of day trips and residential trips offered throughout the year in conjunction with the Smart School.

The aim of the Key Stage 3 programme is to provide students with a wide variety of experiences, to provide an environment whereby they can learn to become responsible independent learners, and of course to provide them with a solid academic base from which to commence their two-year IGCSE programme in Year 10. The expectation at this level is that students should be doing approximately 1 hour (Year 7), 1 ½ hours (Year 8), and 2 hours of homework a night at this level.