Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint

Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint tests are generally used at the end of Cambridge Secondary. They are marked by CIE and provide schools with an external international benchmark for student performance. Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint provides feedback on a learner’s strengths and weaknesses in English, Mathematics and Science. Learners receive a Statement of Achievement which gives an indication of their academic progress during this education stage.

Here at APIS Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint tests are offered in April/May. The tests cover all major areas of learning required in the first years of an international secondary education.

If you have any queries regarding Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint here at APIS then please contact Ms Daniela (Head of English), Ms Norazlin (Head of Maths), Ms Vicky (Head of Science) or Ms Anu (Head of Secondary School).

Please find a parent factsheet and curriculum outlines for each subject below.

Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint Parent Factsheet
Cambridge Secondary English Curriculum Outline
Cambridge Secondary English as a Second Language Curriculum Outline
Cambridge Secondary Maths Curriculum Outline
Cambridge Secondary Science Curriculum Outline