IGCSE Subject Options

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

During their first three years in the Secondary School at APIS, all of our students follow a broad and balanced curriculum – an immersion in a wide range of academic areas. Towards the end of that time, however, just like their counterparts in so many schools around the world, they are asked to start the process of selecting the subjects that they wish to continue through to IGCSE. This is the point at which young people really begin to take ownership of their education. It should be an exciting time for them but for parents it can be just a little intimidating – surely my child’s too young to be making decisions like these?

Young people should not be too quick to see themselves as scientists, or arts or humanities specialists, as combinations of these subjects will be encouraged right up to A Level, and universities will be looking for applicants with breadth as well as depth in their choice of subjects.

If a student has a particular university course in mind it is essential to check whether specific IGCSEs are required or would be an advantage. For a Psychology degree, for example, an A or B grade in Maths at IGCSE may be needed in addition to A-levels. Finding out in year 11 that it would have been a good idea to have studied History if you hope to take Law at university is a little bit late. Some careers research now can prove invaluable even though university might seem a long way off.

Seek advice from subject teachers, homeroom teachers and careers advisers. They have the latest advice and guidance to help sign-post you all in the right direction. Be flexible and be prepared to listen. Talk to students in the years above. APIS is a friendly, relatively small school – older students will be only too pleased to help.